Here Is Why You Should Think Twice Before You Feed Your Dog Any Kind of Fig

Figs are a sweet treat so many people enjoy so you may think they are safe to give your dogs. Unfortunately, that may not be the case.

Kori Williams - Author

Apr. 23 2024, Published 1:02 p.m. ET

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Everything humans eat will have our dogs staring at us, begging to taste our food. Although we love them, their health needs to come before their curious wants, and we can't feed them everything, even if it seems harmless.

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That said, there are a number of human foods that dogs can eat, including many kinds of fruits. So, can dogs eat figs? Some fruits are very sugary and should only be given to your pet on rare occasions. Here's what we know about these fruits and what you need to know before you give them to your four-legged friends.

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Can dogs eat figs?

Yes, dogs can eat figs, but it's best if they only have them in moderation and must be fresh. According to The Dodo, it's okay to feed your pup figs as a treat occasionally because they are high in sugar. Hannah Zulueta, a certified canine nutritionist, spoke to the publication and stated that the size of the dog being fed matters.

“I’ve seen that usually half a fig a week for small dogs and one or two figs for bigger dogs is well tolerated,” Zulueta said.

That's not to say that figs are all bad for your pup. They contain lots of potassium and calcium and are high in fiber, which is great for a dog's dietary tract. On the other hand, this means if your dog eats too many figs, it's likely they could experience diarrhea or other intestinal troubles.

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Additionally, you shouldn't feed your dog dried figs or any part of the plant besides the fruit.

If you are feeding your dog figs for the first time, give them a small amount at a time to make sure they won't have a negative reaction. This way, if there is a reaction, it can be much easier to deal with, and it could be easier for your vet to treat.

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Is climbing fig poisonous to dogs?

According to Plantura Magazine, you should not feed your dogs climbing figs. We humans shouldn't eat them either. They contain a milky sap that can irritate your skin, and eating it can cause internal human issues, such as nausea and vomiting. For dogs, the consequences could be deadly.

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Can dogs have Medjool dates?

Yes, dogs can have Medjool dates or any other kind of date if they eat them in moderation. According to Yahoo Finance, these fruits are ok fresh or dried, but make sure to feed them these fruits without any additional sugars or coverings. Things like chocolate or yogurt can be dangerous for pups and add things to a dog's diet they don't need.

If you feed your dog any of these fruits and they have a bad reaction, be sure to take your pet to the vet immediately. It could even be a good idea to let your vet know you are planning to feed your dog figs. That way, they can coach you through the situation and ensure your pet is safe.

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