Dogs May Love Fruit, but Is Dragon Fruit a Good Idea? As With All Things, Moderation Is Key

Kori Williams - Author

Jan. 29 2024, Published 4:16 p.m. ET

A Golden Retriever eating from a bowl.
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If there's one thing dogs love to do, it's eat. Some dogs have been known to eat trash, people food, and random things off the floor. If you're a pet parent or just someone who loves dogs, you know that in addition to ensuring that our pups don't eat things they shouldn't, we must ensure that what we feed them is beneficial.

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If you have heard of dragon fruit, it may have been featured as an ingredient in your favorite drink or a smoothie you had on vacation. But can dogs eat dragon fruit, or should they avoid it? Here are the pros and cons of eating it.

A bowl of dragon fruit on a wooden table.
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Can dogs eat dragon fruit?

Yes, dogs can eat dragon fruit, but they should only do so in moderation. According to Therapy Dogs Unlimted, pups should be monitored when they try new foods. The best way to ensure your furry friend's safety is to only give them small amounts at a time and watch for any reactions. If you see your dog acting strangely, looking sick, or beginning to throw up, seek medical attention immediately.

Dogs may get excited if they like the fruit and want more. However, not giving in to your dog's every desire is important, as many treats must be consumed in moderation.

Additionally, Healthier Steps points out that you can put some dragon fruit in the fridge for a summertime treat. Both you and your dog might like some cold chunks of fruit to help keep you cool in those warmer months.

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A dragon fruit cut in half on top of of whole dragon fruits.
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Even though dragon fruit has many health benefits, dogs could get sick if they overeat at one time. The main ways that dragon fruit could negatively affect dogs are gastrointestinal problems, issues with teeth, and weight gain. Because of this, dragon fruit should be considered a treat you feed your dog every so often.

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Is dragon fruit good for dogs?

Yes, dragon fruit is good for dogs but you have to be careful about how you feed it to them. According to AZ Animals, this fruit has all kinds of nutritional value including:

  • Antioxidants
  • Calcium
  • Fiber
  • Iron
  • Omega-3 fatty acids
  • Vitamin C

If you feed your dog dragon fruit, remove the skin. It's not edible, and feeding it to them can result in "depilation" or hair loss.

Additionally, the inside of a dragon fruit is dotted with black seeds. While they are small and soft, they can get stuck inside your dog's body. Eating this fruit in moderation can help avoid this problem.

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A white dog holding a food bowl in a kitchen.
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If your dog likes dragon fruit, that's great. But monitoring their diets is important to ensure they aren't eating too much of one thing. A balanced diet is key to ensuring they can live their best lives. Dogs also like plenty of other fruits and veggies that have other health benefits.

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