The 6 Best Gluten-Free Pastas That Seriously Satisfy Your Craving for Carbs

These gluten-free pastas made of plant-based ingredients like chickpeas, quinoa, and buckwheat have the taste and texture of traditional pasta.


May 21 2024, Published 10:38 a.m. ET

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When I first tried gluten-free pasta, it was a revelation. As an Italian American, I grew up eating pasta, and I thought all the bloating and discomfort was just a normal part of digestion. Until I decided to try Banza pasta, a gluten-free option made entirely from chickpeas. Afterward, I had barely any bloat and didn't feel stuffed like I usually would. I'm pretty sure I'm not allergic to gluten, but those who are suffer even worse: they can't even digest traditional pasta and can get sick from it. Others are intolerant, meaning they might get nasty side effects like acne and abdominal pain. If you're any of these people—or simply on a low-carb diet—you'll want to dig in because I found the best gluten-free pasta by the most beloved brands on the market.

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The 6 Best Gluten-Free Pastas

Gluten-free pasta isn't just your typical wheat pasta with the gluten somehow sucked out. They're made of yummy protein-based ingredients like beans and peas and grains like quinoa and brown rice. The firmer types make a great base for pasta bakes and soups, while all of them go well with the sauce of your choice. Consider giving them a try even if you don't have dietary restrictions; you might benefit in some way you weren't expecting or feel better in general.

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Tolerant Organic Red Lentil Rotini Pasta

High-fiber, high-protein red lentils make up this rotini pasta by Tolerant Organic, a certified organic brand. With this gluten-free lentil pick, you can even have pasta on the (pretty limiting) FODMAP diet.

Top reviews:

"The texture and taste are great. Holds up to boiling without getting gummy or mushy. Would recommend longer cook time than the package states."

"I was skeptical, but this was actually really good! If I didn't know it was made of lentils, I honestly would have thought it was just a slightly more al dente, whole wheat pasta. This will be a great substitute for my pasta addiction."

$8 at Amazon

Jovial 100% Organic Gluten Free Brown Rice Farfalle

I love farfalle al dente, and when it's made of brown rice, it does have a very similar texture to plain wheat pasta (without all the gluten and carbs). Brown rice is a great source of fiber, too. Jovial is an organic brand of pasta made in Italy with certified USDA organic brown rice flour. The pasta is also Kosher.

$4 at Walmart
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Banza Elbows Made from Chickpeas (6-Pack)

My favorite pasta brand happens to be a lot of people's favorite. Banza chickpea pasta has such a great texture (don't overcook it!) and flavor that I probably could have tricked my Italian grandma at Sunday dinner. Chickpeas are one of my favorite foods, and it's great knowing I'm getting more protein and fiber when I'm having my pasta and meatballs. I feel satisfied without feeling bloated with this plant-based choice.

Top reviews:

"This pasta is an absolute hit with the whole family. I'm a bit obsessed with it. It's amazingly filling and packs a ton of protein and fiber which normal pasta just doesn't have. It has a nice flavor and consistency. I've tried all of the alternative pastas and this is my favorite."

"I didn't expect this to taste anything like "real" pasta, but I was pleasantly surprised. I've used it for mac and cheese, tuna casserole, and beef casserole, and it was excellent in all of them. My family couldn't tell the difference."

$20 (was $27) at Amazon

rustichella d'abruzzo Organic Gluten Free Buckwheat Tortiglioni (3-Pack)

Green Lovers Executive Editor Sophie Hirsch loves rustichella d'abruzzo pasta, which is made with organic buckwheat, and has tons of fiber and antioxidants. Boost your immune system by tossing their penne-like tortiglioni into a salad.

Top reviews:

"This is awesome when you need to be gluten-free and/or grain-free! It seemed just like regular pasta, only we thought it was actually better. It doesn't get mushy, but is firm to the bite, without seeming undercooked. I have already purchased it again to be sure I have it on hand!"

"Easy to adjust to this whole grain product in place of white pasta. Taste and texture is excellent. I purchased another band more recently and it was mushy. Next order will be this brand!"

$36 at Amazon
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NOW Foods Organic Quinoa Spaghetti

Here's a great alternative to traditional pasta and legume-based pasta: it's organic quinoa spaghetti by NOW Foods. Quinoa (there's also a bit of rice in there) is technically a seed, and it contains all the fiber, protein, magnesium, and iron, so it supports everything from your immune system to your bone health. And fans say this one holds its texture well.

Top reviews:

"The taste and texture is better than anything else I have tried, and I have tried them all. My gluten tolerant family eats it without complaint and I would have a hard time telling that it was gluten free."

"My husband liked this and he never likes anything remotely healthy."

$6 (was $7) at Amazon

ZENB Plant-Based Yellow Pea Lasagna Noodles (6-pack)

These gluten-free lasagna noodles are made of a tiny ingredient packed with protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals: it's yellow peas! Zenb formulated these no-boil, oven-ready lasagna noodles to excel at the job they were designed for by making sure they're adequately firm when al dente and ready to bear the weight of meats, cheeses, and veggies.

Top reviews:

"You can do so much more with these noodles than just lasagna. I boil the noodles to El dente, remove from water. Slice them or cut them up for chicken pot pie, chicken noodle soup, egg noodles etc. Great product."

"So excited my favorite pasta now has lasagna noodles. They are wonderful. Lasagna forever."

$35 at Zenb
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