Green Lovers Affiliate Link Policy

According to the Environmental Protection Agency’s most recent statistics, the United States sends 292.4 million tons of waste to the landfill daily (in other words, about 4.9 pounds per person, per day). And living a low-impact, zero- or low-waste, or consumer-conscious lifestyle, means every purchase counts.

We know this, so at Green Lovers, we take shopping (and our recommendations) extremely seriously. We’re dedicated to not only living a greener, more sustainable life but also educating and empowering others to do the same. Before endorsing any product, our team strives to give shoppers all the necessary information by talking to experts and independently researching packaging, production, and performance to ensure readers are making the best choice possible.

We may, on occasion, feature affiliate content and sponsored opportunities. We will continue to only advocate for products we truly believe in, provide honest and unbiased feedback on the products and services we do endorse, and will continue to focus on organizations whose values and vision align closely with our own.

Our reputation as a reliable, valuable source for our community is at the heart of everything we do. We will continue to only explore affiliate opportunities that provide genuine value to our readers, by offering useful information, product reviews, and recommendations. Additionally, any affiliate or sponsored content will always clearly be stated as such.

More than anything else, we believe in planet — and people — over profit.

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