It's Giving... Earth Day

Collage with the phrases "It's Giving... Earth Day 2024" and "Highlighting the people who are 'giving' Earth Day 24/7," with images of Greta Thunberg, Genesis Butler, and more.
Source: Green Lovers Composite

In honor of Earth Day 2024, we present It's Giving... Earth Day: A week of programming here on Green Lovers about the people and organizations who are “giving” Earth Day 24/7.

Going off of the of-the-moment slang “it’s giving,” which originates from African American Vernacular English (AAVE) and Black and Latinx LGBTQ+ Ballroom culture, #ItsGivingEarthDay aims to honor movements across the spectrum of the climate movement.

All week long, starting on April 22, we’ll be sharing features on all different people in the climate movement, including a mycologist, sustainable chefs, Gen Z climate activists, and leaders of different mom-led climate organizations.

We hope this week of programming encourages you to consider the vastness of the scope of the climate movement, and inspires you to embody the spirit of Earth Day all year round.

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