Where Is Boji the Dog? The Internet's Favorite Traveling Pooch Has Found His Fur-Ever Home

Istanbul's beloved traveling dog has a new companion to take on his adventures — here's what the internet's favorite jetsetter is up to now.

Lauren Wellbank - Author

Apr. 8 2024, Published 4:57 p.m. ET

Boji the dog rides a bus in Istanbul
Source: Getty Images

Boji, the jet-setting pup who made a name for himself by traveling public transit throughout Turkey, has captured the hearts and attention of almost everyone who has heard his surprising story. While he's been blessed with everything from updated vaccinations to a free pass to use the city's many different forms of transportation, there's one thing Boji didn't have: a home.

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While the canine filled his days by hopping on the bus, ferry, and trains that spanned the more than 18 miles of cityscapes Boji traveled daily, nobody knew exactly where the dog was going or what he was up to once he got there.

We know more about Boji's story, including the happy ending that brings him back to his home after his biggest adventure yet.

Boji the dog rests while riding on a crowded train
Source: Getty Images
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Boji the dog became the unofficial mascot of Istanbul's public transportation department.

It's not every day that you see a dog patiently waiting in line to hop onto a train during the morning rush hour, which is why folks immediately started to take notice of Boji, according to the Times of India. It didn't take long before the authorities caught wind of the four-legged stay passenger, discovering the cute little stowaway had been getting around town on the city's dime.

In 2021, Istanbul officials started tracking the dog's trips, discovering that Boji visited 29 subway stops and 11 bus stations each day before climbing aboard a ferry to the other side of town. Fortunately for him, his understanding of basic travel etiquette further endeared him to officials, who eventually had him outfitted with a GPS tracker to monitor his whereabouts and ensure that his interactions with the public were safe for him and those around him, per CNN.

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His story caught the eye of some local animal advocates, who worked to figure out the story of the stray pup and hopefully reconnect him with his human. Sadly, it appears that Boji was trying to relive a bit of his past after losing his beloved human companion two years prior.

According to a TikTok post from Gloss magazine's account on April 2,2024 the bereaved pup was following the footsteps the pair used to take every weekend when they would travel together on adventures.

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Where is Boji the dog now? He was adopted by Turkish billionaire Ömer Koç.

Boji's life has gotten the ultimate upgrade after he was adopted in 2022 by Koc Holding chairperson Ömer Koç, according to Daily Sabah. The uber-wealthy Turkish businessman now brings Boji on even bigger adventures! In March 2024, fans of the well-traveled pup said they spotted him riding on a bus in London, where he no doubt loved the change of scenery.

Is Boji the dog still alive?

The pup is still alive and out there living his best life, only now he has the perfect human to share in the fun with. Hopefully he'll get to continue his jet-setting lifestyle, even if his view does change a bit from time to time now!

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