Looking for the Best Rechargeable Flashlight? We Found One for Every Kind of Task

The best reusable flashlight is the one best suited to the task at hand. These use super-bright, long-lasting LED lights and come in a range of sizes.


Apr. 30 2024, Published 11:21 a.m. ET

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Picture this: your car just got a flat tire during a nighttime drive, so you reach for your handy flashlight only to realize it won't turn on because the AA batteries died, and of course you don't have replacements in the glove compartment. Sure, most of us have a flashlight function built into our smartphone, but for numerous scenarios — think camping, climbing into crawl spaces, and even power outages — require something more equipped to the task at hand. Something more like a rechargeable flashlight, which doesn't require fresh batteries and is often more powerful than its old-fashioned counterpart.

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Choosing the best rechargeable flashlight has a lot to do with what you plan to use it for. Rechargeable flashlights come in powerful packages, portable options, lanterns, and even task lighting. Most come with super-bright, energy-conserving LED lights and have pretty long lifespans in between charges. Here are our top picks to stash in your garage, junk drawer, car trunk, or purse.

Blukar Rechargeable Flashlight

If camping is on the agenda or you want something to keep in the car in case you need a look under the hood, this Blukar rechargeable flashlight comes in handy. The lightweight aluminum gadget projects a zoomable light stream in four modes (including SOS for emergencies) up to 2000 lumens and comes with a USB cable.

Top review: "I use it as a bicycle head light with a universal mount and it has lasted for at least 4 hours on a charge."

$8 (originally $16) at Amazon
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Lvelia 5 Modes Rechargeable Flashlight

This Lvelia rechargeable flashlight is about as powerful as it's going to get at a whopping 900,000 lumens. Keep this one on hand for security purposes or power outages, as it can illuminate a field of more than 1,600 feet. It has five modes and is zoomable, and since it's waterproof, it's also great to have in the event of a storm.

Top review: "I tested outdoors in the wood and it does provide a strong adjustable beam. Amazing."

$25 (was $80) at Walmart

Buysight Rechargeable Spotlight Flashlight

The heavy duty Buysight Rechargeable Spotlight Flashlight works as a handheld or a standalone and floods up to 6,000 feet with up to 120,000 lumens of LED light — pretty impressive! The waterproof rechargeable flashlight has six modes including a power-saving mode, and it includes both a USB-C charging cord and a solar trickle charging element. This one's especially useful for anyone who works outdoors.

Top review: "This is very bright as a spotlight and it works as such. Good for boat owners, hunters, and fishermen. The side light is great if you are camping as it is pretty light in weight."

$36 (was $45) at Amazon
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NEBO Inspector 500+ Pen Light

The NEBO Inspector pen flashlight is perfect to pop in your purse or pocket for anything that comes up in which 500 lumens of light would suffice, and it's also ideal for certain professionals, like electricians and doctors. The aircraft-grade aluminum rechargeable flashlight has a magnetic base so you can use it hands-free, too, and don't worry about carrying it around in the rain: it's waterproof. It has four light modes and provides up to three and a half hours of use on a charge.

Top review: "As a forklift mechanic it isn’t always easy to get a light where you need it, being able to use the strong magnet to hold the lift for me. It’s very durable, as I have dropped, crushed, ran over mine and it functions properly still."

$31 at Amazon

EverBrite Keychain LED Flashlight

Attach this rechargeable keychain flashlight to your key ring and be prepared with 650 lumens of LED light when you're out and about in four different settings to suit each situation, including walking your dog or rifling through your purse. In fact, it has a magnetic surface so you can even use it hands-free.

Top review: "This keychain flashlight is incredible! I wasn't sure what to expect size-wise, but the RovyVon A3 Gen 4 is seriously tiny. Like, smaller than my thumb! Perfect for the keychain. Despite its size, the light it packs is super impressive. 5 stars for brightness! No problem navigating dark paths or finding something dropped under the couch."

$34 at Amazon

Ezorkas 2 Pack Camping Lanterns

If you're camping, tailgating, or having a night time picnic, a rechargeable lantern is the way to go, and this two-pack on Amazon is an incredible deal. The great thing about these versatile lanterns is they provide 360 degrees of light coverage and have a red warning light for emergencies. Needless to say, this is a great rechargeable flashlight to keep in your survivalist kit.

Top review: "These lanterns are great! Past lanterns have only been battery operated, and we never knew when they'd die out. These allow solar charging, come with a cable for plug-in charging, and can also run on AA batteries. They're nice and bright and lightweight. The flashlight option is also great to have in a power outage."

$24.50 (was $100) at Amazon
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