How to Turn Avocado Pits Into Adorable, All-Natural Buttons

"It's actually really easy."

Jamie Bichelman - Author

Apr. 30 2024, Published 1:03 p.m. ET

An amazing DIY project from Instagram user Crochet Treasures by Cristina, aka @knotworks_crochet, has us excited to finish that pack of avocados lying around in the kitchen.

In the popular IG video, the crochet expert transforms avocado pits into adorable, wood-like buttons that can be utilized for other craft or crochet projects.

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Keep reading to learn about this nifty idea and how you, too, can turn an avocado pit into a unique, giftable button.

A pit is featured in the center of a photo of several avocado halves laying beside one another.
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Avocado pit buttons are the amazing DIY project I never knew I needed to try.

In the Instagram video from Crochet Treasures by Cristina, avocado pits are cut down to small, button-like shapes, which then experience significant shrinkage, and are then processed into wood-like buttons that are nearly indistinguishable to this viewer.

"I think they'd also make great replacement pieces for board games or checkers," one user commented.

"Sorry I can't make it tonight I'm making avocado buttons," another user wrote, which is absolutely how I envision spending my Friday night in the near future.

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"Imagine crocheting a top and putting these cute lil buttons down it," another user chimed in, to which Cristina affirmed that was the plan.

Shortly after, Cristina posted a follow-up video in response to questions about the buttons' resilience in the laundry and whether or not they would release a pink dye, since some people use avocado pits to dye fabric pink.

As it turns out, the concerns over the dye were unfounded in this situation, and the buttons did not swell or crack. However, the Mod Podge she applied to the buttons as a sealant left them looking shriveled and less desirable after their laundering, leading to the recommendation to hand-wash any clothing or crocheted items with these buttons.

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How to make avocado pit buttons:

According to Cristina's video, the first step to making avocado pit buttons is let your avocado pit dry, which makes it easier to peel off its skin, thus revealing a line that should serve as guide for where to cut the pit in half with a sharp knife. Then, use the knife to cut several slices of the remaining pieces of the pit.

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Cristina mentions that she prefers cutting the pieces into perfect circles. It appears that this can be accomplished using a tool with a circular head, like a measuring spoon set, to achieve the desired size.

The buttons, she advises, will shrink as they dry, which should inform how large you make your circular button shapes.

Then, use a screwdriver to poke holes in the avocado pit that approximate the placement of holes on a traditional button. Then, let the buttons dry for about a week.

Afterwards, she recommends sanding the resulting piece with some sandpaper, and applying mineral oil to provide the perfect texture.

The possibilities for these avocado pit buttons are many, and as you do your best to lead a zero-waste lifestyle, it's magical ideas like these that can both transform fashion and put a smile on a gift recipient's face.

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