The Most Expensive Stanley Cup Could Set You Back Hundreds — Here's Why

The cup's viral nature makes it a hot commodity.

Lauren Wellbank - Author

May 9 2024, Published 3:14 p.m. ET

Stanley Cup
Source: stanley_brand/Instagram

It doesn't matter whether you're a diehard user or just vaguely aware of the hubbub surrounding the tumblers; chances are you've heard of the Stanley Cup brand. These cups have been around in one form or another for a long time, but thanks to social media, they've found a new audience with hordes of tweens, teens, and grownups who want to get their hands on the viral cup just about everybody is using.

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It's that popularity that has allowed Stanley to sell its cups for big bucks over the years, growing their empire from the public's desire to make staying hydrated fashionable. But, you may be shocked to know just how big those bucks are and who else may be profiting off the "it" cups everyone has on their wish list.

Keep reading to find out more about the most expensive Stanley Cups and how they came to be so pricey.

Stanley Cup
Source: stanley_brand/Instagram
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Which are the most expensive Stanley Cups?

The Stanley Cup website carries everything from 6-ounce cappuccino cups to a 64-ounce Quencher, which can set you back $60. Even $60 seems like a lot when you're talking about something to carry your water around in, but it's nothing compared to the price some shoppers are willing to pay to get their hands on some of the more desirable cups the company has produced over the years.

Resale sites like StockX, eBay, and dedicated Facebook groups are full of people looking to offload marked-up cups to customers dying to buy products you can't purchase in stores or on the official website anymore. Typically, those include cups that were part of a collaboration or sold as part of a limited edition drop, like the pink ones from Target ahead of Valentine's Day 2024.

Unilad says these Target cups were sold through resale sites for as much as $400 after they were cleared from the shelves by enthusiastic shoppers.

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What are the rarest Stanley Cups?

Other sought-after cups include the "Blue" Starbucks Stanley, the "Watermelon Moonshine" collaboration between Stanley and Lainey Wilson, the "White" AntiSocialSocialClub Stanley collab, and the 2023 "Cherry Red" Starbucks Stanley, according to Stock Informer.

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Why are Stanley Cups so expensive?

Even if you're buying a cup directly from a retailer, you're still going to spend a pretty penny on your purchase ($60 is a lot for a cup). A lot of this has to do with the cup's original intended audience. Before they were social media darlings, per the Stanley Cup website, Stanley Cups were mostly used by working-class folks who needed something that could be tossed into a work truck or lunch box and taken to a job site.

Because they needed to stand up to more than average wear and tear, they were manufactured out of stainless steel, which is known to be one of the more durable materials, and they included an innovative insulation method that kept cold things cold and hot things hot. Sure, the cup has seen prices rise along with its popularity, but some of that initial cost was based off of the materials used to make them.

Sadly, these days the purpose of the expensive cup is lost. Limited edition drops and announcing guest collaborations negate the fact that once upon a time, a single Stanley Cup was made to last a lifetime, which made it easier to excuse the resources and costs associated with the brand. Now, it seems to be more of a status symbol, which has created a frenzy of consumerism around it that seems at odds with its working-class roots.

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