The Best Sheets for Hot Sleepers: Breathable, Buttery Soft Bamboo, Lyocell, Hemp, and More

Need a better night's sleep? Don't sweat it: these breathable, sustainable bed sheets will lull you into dreamland and keep you as cool as a cucumber.


May 15 2024, Published 4:00 p.m. ET

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To get a good night's rest, you have to play it cool. That applies to every aspect of your environment, from the light to the noise, and of course, the temperature of your bedroom, which should ideally be between 65 and 68 degrees. But even if your thermometer hits that sweet spot, you could be tossing and turning anyway.

Some people are simply hot sleepers. Everyone's core body temperature dips during sleep, but some people's skin heats up to compensate, making them hot and sweaty—and that's the enemy of falling and staying asleep. If you're one of those people, it's time to change your sheets.

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6 Best Sheets for Hot Sleepers

Best for Summer: Booklinen Washed Linen Core Set ($217, was $319)

Best All-Weather: Delilah Home 100% Organic Hemp Bed Sheet Collection ($300, was $520)

Best Silky Texture: Buffy Breeze Sheet Set ($156, was $195)

Best for Deep Mattresses: Coyuchi Organic Crinkled Percale Sheet Set ($168)

Best Sustainably Produced: Cariloha Retreat Bamboo Sheets ($339)

Best Blend: Parachute Heirloom TENCEL Linen Sheet Set ($359)

Your bed sheets may be soft and cozy, but if they're not keeping you cool, they're hurting your sleep quality instead of helping it. The best sheets for hot sleepers are not microfiber or anything synthetic that's going to trap heat. Natural, plant-based materials will circulate air and help you thermoregulate at night, whether you naturally sleep hot or you're looking to optimize your sleep environment in general. I'm talking breathable fabrics like organic cotton, linen, hemp, and more options that are sustainable and eco-friendly, so you can feel good about crawling into bed each night.

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The only problem with these cooling sheets sets (all prices below for Queen size) is that you very well may never want to get out of bed in the morning.

Booklinen Washed Linen Core Set

Linen is one of those iconic warm-weather fabrics. It's spun from the soft fibers of the flax seed plant, creating a fabric that's naturally sweat-wicking with an immensely breathable weave. Brooklinen's Washed Linen Core Set is comprised of 100 percent European Flax sourced in Portugal, home to some of the highest quality flax plants in the world. The set is Standard 100 by OKEO-TEX certified and made as part of a small batch, so it's as unique as a fingerprint.

The Washed Linen Core Set includes a fitted sheet, a flat sheet, and two standard pillowcases. It comes in a range of rich neutrals, like this earth-toned Khaki Chambray. "Soft, light, breathable, and absolutely perfect for warmer weather or if you're just a warm sleeper," wrote one of thousands of happy shoppers.

$217 (was $319) at Brooklinen
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Buffy Breeze Sheet Set

If you've ever slept on eucalyptus sheets, you know their texture is closer to silk than cotton. Imagine deriving that kind of luxury from a tree! But that's exactly what you get when you dissolve the wood pulp of the eucalyptus tree, form it into threads, and spin it into fabric. Buffy's Breeze Sheet Set uses this magical material to create an incredibly soft sheet set that you can sleep on for 50 nights before deciding whether it keeps you cool enough to commit. The company is so confident in its lightweight, breathable sheets that they guarantee, beyond this trial, that your set will last at least seven years.

The rip-, pill-, and fade-resistant sheets also use 10 percent less water to produce than typical cotton sheets. Choose from more than 30 colors and patterns, including this classic blue and white stripe.

$156 (was $195) at Buffy

Coyuchi Organic Crinkled Percale Sheet Set

Organic cotton is a soft, breathable choice for hot sleepers, and Coyuchi masters this material with its Organic Crinkled Percale Sheet Set. The eco-conscious company produces its sheets from organic cotton grown and woven in India, supporting the country's lucrative textile industry. The factory where these sheets are produced even recycles 90 percent of its wastewater.

But the sheets—oh, the sheets. They're not only butter-soft on their own, but they're finished with a plant-based fabric softener to give them that extra something. And they're designed to have a natural texture that never wrinkles. The 15-inch fitted sheet accommodates most deep mattresses, too. "I'm a hot sleeper and love how these sheets keep me cool. Plus, I love how they're high quality but don't look stuffy," a fan wrote.

Choose from a dozen great colors and patterns, including this subtle stripe in terracotta-like Sedona.

$168 at Coyuchi
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Delilah Home 100% Organic Hemp Bed Sheet Collection

The wonders of hemp seemingly know no limits, and you can add a cooling night's sleep to their list of superpowers. Hemp is a porous material, so it's naturally breathable and can keep you cool in warm weather and warm in cold weather. It's also naturally anti-microbial and repels odors, so it's all-around a fresh choice for bedding. Delilah Home's 100% Organic Hemp Bed Sheet Collection is also free of chemicals and toxins.

The sustainable sheets are thick and durable, and they come in a few calming neutrals, including the classic one: white.

$300 (was $520) at Delilah Home

Cariloha Retreat Bamboo Sheets

Similar to eucalyptus, bamboo is another renewable plant from which some of the silkiest, most luxurious fabrics can be spun. Case in point: Cariloha's Retreat Bamboo Sheets, are made of sustainable bamboo lyocell that's carbon-neutral, naturally temperature-regulating, and odor-resistant. These sheets are finished in sateen via a water- and energy-conserving process.

Cariloha Retreat Bamboo Sheets come in five colors, including this deep blue, and you can sleep on them for 100 nights before committing. "Like sleeping on a cloud!!!! These are such great quality and provide top-tier comfort! They collect cool air while maintaining their softness throughout use and washes," wrote a customer.

$339 at Cariloha

Parachute Heirloom TENCEL Linen Sheet Set

Parachute makes some of the most decadent bedding on the market. The Heirloom TENCEL Linen Sheets combine two sustainable cooling fabrics, linen and lyocell (from wood pulp), to produce a sheet set that will send hot sleepers into seventh heaven. The combo makes for a soft, durable, temperature-regulating fabric that's biodegradable and compostable.

The sustainably made sheets come in two colors, white and bone, and two pillowcase styles, back envelope and side open. "This blend of tencel and linen is exactly what you'd expect - softer, but with the linen feel. I love that it doesn't have that rough scratchy surface of linen, and it's so incredibly breathable and luxurious feeling!" one five-star reviewer wrote.

$359 at Parachute
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