Drinking "Sexy Water" Makes Staying Hydrated Look Hotter Than Ever

The experts say that there are pros and cons to following the "sexy water" trend.

Lauren Wellbank - Author

Apr. 2 2024, Published 2:57 p.m. ET

It's clear that people are more concerned about staying hydrated than ever, with products like Stanley Cups becoming the must-have accessory for water connoisseurs everywhere. But there's another fad taking social media by storm, and it's hot and heavy name makes it sound a little steamier than it is. That's right, "sexy water" has made its way off of TikTok and into the mainstream, prompting people to start dressing up their drinks with healthy additives, accessories, and flavors.

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"Sexy water" sounds like the perfect answer to anyone who struggles to hit their daily water intake target, but it doesn't seem like the pros are exactly sold on whether it's any better than downing a glass of plain old H2O. Here's everything you need to know about "sexy water," including how to make some for yourself.

That said, this article is not medical advice, so make sure to check with your doctor if you have any concerns regarding your diet.

Two glasses of refreshing looking iced water with cucumber, thyme, and lemon
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What is "sexy water," the hydration trend taking over TikTok?

The idea of "sexy water" has been around since October 2023, when TikToker Kelly Stranick showed her followers how she likes to start her day by drinking a giant glass of water. But her morning refresher doesn't include just any old water; instead, it's been doctored with a few different elements that give it both a visual and tasty boost. Kelly says she adds everything from sliced fruit to powdered mushrooms — Lion's Mane seems to be a favorite amongst influencers — to her daily AM drink.

But that's not all you can add. In fact, some fans of the water cocktail have found new and inventive ways to dress up their drinks!

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This woman says her go-to trick involves putting all of her "sexy water" ingredients — which includes electrolytes, colostrum, lemon, and mint — into her favorite cup. According to Paige, it turns her boring water into a flavorful treat.

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You can add more than just ingredients to your water. This TikToker says that adding a reusable glass straw to her water not only gives her that ASMR hit we all know and love, but Clem says it also helps to make her drink feel a little more elevated. Plus, a reusable straw is far more eco-friendly than a disposable plastic one.

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How to make sexy water:

One of the many perks of "sexy water" has to be its customizability — in my opinion, water doesn't get much sexier than being ice in a tall glass with a bit of lemon and a whole lot of ice — and you can add just about anything that you want to your drink. Some great ideas involve the staples we've seen all over social media, including:

Of course, for those more adventurous drinkers, there's a whole world of other options, including exotic fruits, lesser-known supplements, and all different glasses — wine glasses can definitely make your water feel sexier!

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Is "sexy water" good for you?

When we look at what the experts have to say about the drink, the answer to whether it's actually good for you seems to be mixed. On one hand, Rebecca Russell, RD, who founded The Social Nutritionist, told PopSugar that one of the key benefits to the drink is the fact that it helps people to hydrate. However, there is a downside to all the things that get added into the water to dress it up, including how it can interact with your medications.

"Certain supplements and herbals can interact with medications or other supplements, so you want to be careful with what's being mixed," Russell told PopSugar, adding that certain minerals can "compete for absorption," so mixing a whole bunch of different ones together may negate any benefits you might have gotten if you were consuming them alone.

While the jury may still be out on the benefits of the uber sexy versions of the drink — which would be those glasses that have been loaded with tons of different supplements and powders — we can definitely see the benefits of making our daily waters a little sexy to make it easier to stay hydrated, just as long as you're being mindful about what you're mixing, that is.

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