Looking to Boost Your Confidence? Green Onyx May Be What You Need

There are so many ways to wear green onyx, and this stone might even benefit your life.

Kori Williams - Author

Apr. 24 2024, Published 1:02 p.m. ET

Green onyx earrings in a mug
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When it comes to crystals and stones, all kinds of symbolism and deeper meanings are involved. Humans have been using crystals for thousands of years, according to a study by Stanford medievalist Marisa Galvez. While popular stones include vibrant colors like amethyst and aquamarine, green onyx is a popular new contender. This stone is found in all kinds of jewelry and is strong enough to be in different settings.

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Beyond green onyx's stunning color, there are many reasons you'd want to put the stone in your home or carry it around in your purse. Like most crystals, green onyx has a deeper spiritual meaning that people use to apply to their own lives. Here's what you need to know about green onyx, explained.

Chunks of unpolished green stone.
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What does green onyx mean?

According to the natural stone provider TINO, green onyx is a crystalline natural stone that is mostly gold and green in color. Looking at it up close, it can almost look like waves of a beach crashing against a shore. However, it tends to have a solid sea-green color when you see it in jewelry.

According to Melded Mind Metaphysical, green onyx is typically found in North and South America, Europe, India, and Russia. The publication states that the stone is closely connected with half the zodiac signs: Capricorn, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Taurus, and Virgo.

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Green stones set into a necklace on a black and gold background.
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However, other sources like Gems and Gems connect it only to Gemini and Virgo. The connection to Gemini could be because green onyx can be mistaken for emeralds, the birthstone of the Gemini sign, part of which is in May.

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What does green onyx symbolize?

According to DWS Jewelry, the word "onyx" comes from the Greek word "onyx," which means "claw." These stones symbolize protection and can be used to protect against negative energy. Green represents new beginnings, physical and spiritual growth, and fertility.

A pair of black onyx earrings in a box against a green background.
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Additionally, green onyx promotes positive energy. It can help someone to deal with stress or anxiety they might have, as well as balance their mind and body. The Crystal Council states that it goes one step further. The stone could make a person feel more confident and give them the willpower to face life's difficulties. The Ancient Sages specifically mention that the stone is great for those nervous about public speaking.

Green onyx is also allegedly great for your memory. So overall, this is a great stone for anyone looking to boost their mental sense of self and safety.

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A green bracelet on a black base.
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Use green onyx with intention.

The Ancient Sage says that you should use green onyx and any other stone with intention. To do this, think about what you want from it throughout the day. Be sure to keep the stone in an area you frequent like your bedroom or home office. If you're going to be out, you can keep it in your purse or pocket. Wearing it as jewelry is also effective.

Remember to only seek out sustainable crystals.

Unfortunately, the reality of using crystals is that crystal mining is unregulated, and ultimately bad for the environment. The modern jewelry industry is taking steps to move towards ethical stones in jewelry, so if you must purchase crystals, there are ways to do so ethically.

There are also businesses that boast sustainably-sourced crystals, but overall, when delving into crystal healing, remember to always keep the environment in mind.

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