The Best Organic Pads for Healthier, More Comfortable Periods (and No More Accidents!)

Do you even know what's in your feminine hygiene products? Switching to organic pads has been an absolute game-changer.


Apr. 10 2024, Published 4:26 p.m. ET

Best organic pads
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What's your biggest concern when it comes to your period? For me, it's always been avoiding accidents. I destroyed my fair share of bedsheets and jeans in my quest for the perfect feminine hygiene product before finally settling on a tampon/pad combo (I know, I know — I'm still warming up to the menstrual cup). And these days, my focus has become making sure I use the best organic pads and tampons on the market.

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Why? Because I realized in recent years that while I've been fixated on keeping my flow contained, I haven't been paying enough attention to what I'm actually using to get the job done. Switching to organic pads has been one of my biggest revelations. Yes, it's healthier for my body and the planet, but surprisingly, it's also more comfortable.

It boggles my mind that we all grew up just grabbing whatever pads were available, when all the while our sanitary products were anything but sanitary — packed with volatile organic compounds (yes, like the fumes emitted by paint), pesticides, and even more chemicals that have been shown to disrupt our hormones and potentially cause cancer. And we thought toxic shock syndrome was our biggest threat.

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And here's the clincher: the prices of organic pads are comparable to traditional ones. Here are the best organic pads I've found, from ultra-thin to overnighters.

Organyc 100% Certified Organic Cotton Feminine Pads

These top-rated Organyc pads are biodegradable, and made with 100 percent certified organic cotton "inside and out," and designed to make sure there's no irritation, even for the most sensitive skin. And you're certainly not sacrificing quality here; Organyc pads are super absorbent and have wings to keep you dry and clean.

"This product changed that time of the month for me! ZERO irritation during any part of my cycle. I couldn't be happier and more relieved — these pads are a lifesaver," one shopper wrote.

Shop Now — $7.12
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Lola Pads with Wings

Lola's organic pads are free of fragrances, dyes, and chlorine bleach, though the core and backing do include plastic-derived elements. These leak-free pads with wings are ultra-thin, so you won't have to deal with bunching and chafing and generally feeling like your'e wearing a diaper. Yes, you can have your pad and feel great, too.

"It feels awesome and it’s obvious that it was designed by women," wrote one shopper. And yes, it's true: Lola is a woman-created, woman-owned brand.

Shop Now — $11

L. Ultra Thin Pads - Super

L. (I'm kind of obsessed with this clever and succinct brand name; it stands for Love) uses 100 percent U.S.-grown organic cotton in the top layer of its ultra-thin pads, and lists every other ingredient right on its site along with what it's used for. (Note that L.'s pads do use plastic-based elements, but not on the top layer.) These pads are built to be absorbent, breathable, and comfy.

"I have lots of heavy bleeding. L pads are the only ones that work for me. They absorb like no other pad does, and ever since switching to L, I find that I have not experienced any problems with yeast infections," a happy customer wrote.

Shop Now — $11.47
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Rael Organic Cotton Cover Overnight Pads

Rael makes some of the best organic pads for any type of flow, including these bed-saving Rael Overnight pads. (Note: only the topsheet is cotton, while the core is made from wood pulp and the backsheet is plastic-derived.) Rael pads have a special feature called a Leak Locker — and the company even makes disposable period underwear, if maximum absorbency is what you need.

"I'm a massage therapist who works long days in uncomfortable positions while battling endometriosis. These pads make periods as comfortable as possible, especially while working," one fan wrote.

Shop Now — $8.49

The Honey Pot Company 100% Organic Cotton Cover Regular Pads

Another leader in the organic feminine hygiene game, the Honey Pot Company makes organic pads, like these regular pads with wings, using OCS certified organic cotton (note: only on the top of the pad is cotton, and the backing is plastic-based), an ultra-absorbent core (made of wood pulp), and a dermatologist's seal of approval. To top it off, the company infuses the pads with essential oils (so be warned, these pads are not unscented).

"The pads are so comfortable and cooling. It can't be seen through the underwear and is very fitting," a happy shopper wrote.

Shop Now — $9.49

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