The Best Vegan Mayo Is Among These 5, According to Popular Tastemakers

Regular mayo includes eggs, but these buzz-worthy vegan mayos use plant proteins to achieve strikingly similar tastes and textures.


Jun. 11 2024, Published 12:53 p.m. ET

Vegan mayo on a slice of bread for a sandwich
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Mayonnaise is undeniably one of the most popular spreads on the planet. Whether smeared on a sandwich, mixed into potato salad, or designated as a dip, the creamy condiment is beloved. But traditional mayo has egg as one of its main ingredients, and that just doesn't cut it for people who follow vegan diets, have egg allergies, or are trying to lower their cholesterol. Enter this absolute stroke of genius: vegan mayo, which uses one of a variety of plant-based substitutes for eggs, so you can have your mayo and be vegan, too.

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The 5 Best Vegan Mayos

Best Overall: JUST Mayo ($8)

Editor's Pick: Follow Your Heart Original Vegenaise ($6.50)

Best Flavored: Sir Kensington's Vegan & Keto Chipotle Mayonnaise ($10)

Best Viral Sensation: Kewpie Vegan Mayo Egg Free Mayonnaise ($13)

Best Cult Favorite: Primal Kitchen Squeeze Mayo with Avocado Oil ($14.50)

The thing is, eggs are a crucial part of the recipe for mayo, acting as an emulsifier and binding the oil, vinegar, and lemon juice together with the spices while providing much-needed thickness. Vegan mayo can vary in consistency, texture, and taste as a result, but the best vegan mayos are very much up to the challenge. We combed the market to find the five top picks, which all have endorsements from food aficionados and online evaluators. Fans of some of these mayo brands say it's almost impossible to tell they're vegan.

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After disappearing from shelves for a few years, the iconic JUST Mayo is back, and it's as addictive as ever. The creamy vegan mayo uses pea protein instead of egg, and the consensus is that it tastes just like traditional mayo. The testers at Make It Dairy Free were stunned that the smell and flavor were "so incredibly" similar to the real thing. America's Test Kitchen called it "a game-changer." Order up a jar, and it'll be delivered via Amazon from your local Whole Foods, where it's currently being carried exclusively.

$8 at Amazon

Follow Your Heart Original Veganaise (16 oz.)

Green Lovers Executive Editor Sophie Hirsch calls Follow Your Heart one of her favorite vegan mayo brands, and so does a very passionate food editor at Eater. The original makers of Vegenaise (way back in the 1970s), which has thousands of great reviews on Amazon, follow a vegan recipe that uses soy protein instead of egg. Avocado oil is another popular and tasty plant-based ingredient used in vegan mayos, and Follow Your Heart's Avocado Oil Veganaise is a standout unto itself.

$6.50 at Amazon
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Sir Kensington's Vegan & Keto Chipotle Mayonnaise (12 oz.)

The true test of a vegan mayo is whether a non-vegan person loves it regardless, and that's the case with Sir Kensington's vegan mayo, which won a blind taste test on the YouTube channel So You're Dating a Vegan. This chipotle version is also highly recommended by keto experts. If you can't have soy, this is a great option for you, too — the brand uses chickpeas instead of eggs.

$10 at Vitacost

Kewpie Vegan Mayo Egg Free Mayonnaise (10.75 oz.)

If you're a #foodtok follower on TikTok, then odds are you've heard about Kewpie egg-free mayo, the Japanese spread that "tastes just like Miracle Whip," as one Amazon reviewer put it. Leave it to the one and only Bethenny Frankel of Real Housewives fame to show her followers just how much they should believe the hype. "Wow, much more flavorful," she said about Kewpie plant-based mayo compared to a name-brand mayo.

$13 at Amazon

Primal Kitchen Vegan Mayo with Avocado Oil

Primal Kitchen's avocado oil mayo is a vegan version of the brand's cult-favorite traditional mayo, and fans of the vegan formula say it's well worth it to make the switch, especially one reviewer who hoodwinked their whole family. "This sure fooled all my anti vegan family members. They all had to do a double take and look at the jar when they were told it was vegan," they wrote. "It really balances out flavors and has the perfect amount of tang," another shopper added.

$11 at Primal Kitchen
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